World No Tobacco Day

MAY 31, 2022

Each year we lose 1.35 million people due to tobacco use in India alone. The tobacco industry is huge and it is estimated to reach $262.8 billion market by 2027. This industry puts a lot of strain on the already diminishing environment due to its manufacturing cost and the process that clearly affects our environment.

The change towards a better future shall be planned swiftly and carefully because of the amount of people that depend on that industry. Their families are sustaining upon this industry and a shift towards total ban of tobacco might affect millions. The better and logical solution towards a no tobacco world is by creating awareness amongst the people. Another way is to help the farmers that engage in tobacco farming in shifting towards a different yet profitable crop that they can farm.

The amount spent on cigarette advertising and promotion increased from $7.62 billion in 2019 to $7.84 billion in 2020.



Many awareness campaigns must be organized in order to raise this issue and how it affects the health of a tobacco user and how even their families are affected. Tobacco use is an addiction and should be treated as one. In many developing countries where the laws aren’t that stringent against the advertisements of cigarettes depicted a higher addiction rate among the youth. This trend is also fueled majorly by the pop culture that endorses and promotes the use of cigarettes.

This trend of smoking tobacco in pop culture that most of the youth like influences them into trying such tobacco based products. As a result, they end up getting addicted to tobacco use which harms their physical as well as mental health. This is a growing concern because tobacco use is killing millions each year and the governments around the world are doing nothing except increasing taxes which is a solution but it works only to a certain extend.

Strict laws must be passed in order to ban the tobacco use completely without affecting the fabric of the industry that employs millions around the globe.

A swift shift with proper planning must be implemented in order to ban the tobacco completely and make the world tobacco free.

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