World Multiple Sclerosis Day

MAY 30, 2022

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease in which the immune system eats away the protective covering of nerves. Resulting nerve damage disrupts communication between the brain and the body. This causes the patient to show symptoms such as vision loss, pain, fatigue and impaired coordination.

The precise cause of this disease is still unknown but studies indicate that this might be caused by environmental or genetic factors. It is a very fatal disease and although it is not curable, its symptoms are controlled using steroids that are given to patients to lower the pain.

A disease that causes you to get on your own nerves.

-Eleanor Bryan


A few recent studies have shown that negative ions have a positive effect on people suffering from MS due to the healing properties of negative ions that work from the inside as well as outside of our body, taking care of your skin as well as perpetuating internal healing. Although, it hasn’t been scientifically proven yet but on the basis of these recent studies we can say that negative ions are good for our mind and body because they have many such characteristics that make them very useful.

There are many advantages of negative ions as they neutralize free radicals, revitalize cell metabolism, purify the blood, enhance immune function, they balance the autonomic nervous system, promoting deep sleep and healthy digestion and many more. Negative and positive ions are present in the environment already. For example, if you are walking on the side of a river, the flowing water generates negative ions which is the reason you feel fresh when beside a river or in nature.


Kills 99.99% Bacteria & Viruses in under 1 hour.

But given the situation, today’s urban life makes it impossible to be near nature all the time. This is where you can use air ionizers whose task is to remove or eliminate the hazardous viruses from the air around us. Negative ions bond with the hazardous bacteria and viruses in the air, only to neutralize/eliminate them. This job is perfectly done by Ion Dome, an air ionizer.

This Ionizer is manufactured by Burge Electronics Pvt. Ltd. which is a company that comes under health & wellness sector. You should use this product in order to get an insight into how an ionizer works differently than an air purifier and also to understand the impact of negative ions on our body.

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