World Environment Day

JUN 05, 2022

It’s the year 2022 and the pollution levels are nowhere near a low mark. About 7 million people still die each year from air pollution. Shift towards a greener future sounds good with many new technologies emerging as promising solutions but the rate at which it is being implemented is very slow. The air is still getting polluted at the same rate it and very little is being done to change the situation. It is high time that we preserve our planet’s biodiversity.

Transportation is the major contributor of air pollution in today’s times because it has become a necessity and people that can afford transportation don’t make use of public transport. This increases the use of cars and in turn increases the pollution in the air. The only solution for a greener future is by using renewable energy sources. Renewable energy use has certainly increased in past few years due to various initiatives that were undertaken by governments around the world.

Hydroelectric energy is the most used renewable resource in the world because approximately 71 percent of all of the renewable electricity generated on earth is from hydropower.

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Companies and startups all over the world are making products that are made with keeping the environment in mind. They are trying to reduce the carbon footprint of every person that uses their product. It is a good shift towards a better tomorrow and brings a hope that many other companies will also follow. One such company is Burge Electronics because of the product that they manufacture. Ion Dome, an air ionizer that works with zero ozone generation kills the viruses in the air and also doesn’t harm the environment in any particular way.

It is certified by ICMR recognised and ILAC accredited RGCB lab and it has zero ozone generation.

World Environment Day is celebrated in order to promote healthy living and how we can conserve our planet from getting more damaged because if we don’t get serious today, our future generations will suffer.


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