Why you should invest in your health?

July 13, 2022

Climate is changing at an alarming rate; it has been pretty evident from past few decades that climate change is going to have serious effects on the wellbeing of humans. But instead of investing in renewable energy resources that would minimize the effects of climate change, most of the governments around the world chose to ignore this fact and as a result we are facing the consequences of it. But we shouldn’t dwell on the past but rather focus on the future. Investing in renewable energy and green technologies is the ultimate solution for us to sustain. Natural gas is one of the nonrenewable resources with hydrogen and e-vehicles being one of the most prominent alternatives for it. But you know what’s the most important? The air we breathe.

“Of the 30 most polluted cities in the world, 21 were in India in 2019.”

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The air is the reason we are alive because it contains oxygen that is most essential for us to live. Without the air we breathe, we won’t be able to survive. But is the air we breathe really pure? The constant use and exploitation of natural gas has polluted the air to a very large extend. This has severely deteriorated the ozone layer and in turn has made the climate much more warmer than it was before. The governments around the world have started to take this seriously and are taking steps to decrease their carbon footprint. This has started a shift of people towards a greener future.

The urban areas are the most critical areas in regards with pollution of air. About 86% percent people living in urban areas that account for almost 2.5 billion are constantly exposed to the air that is seven times more polluted than what WHO suggests for a healthy living. A study that longed for almost two decades and that studied more than 13000 cities concluded that 1.8 million deaths in 2019 were caused as a result of air pollution caused by PM 2.5. It is a tiny particulate matter, microscopic liquid droplets or solid particles in the air that are inhalable. These particles can have serious consequences on the person inhaling them causing risk of heart disease, lung cancer, stroke and respiratory diseases. On top of this, the pandemic has been the final nail in the coffin. It has sent alarm bells ringing through everyone’s head and as a result everyone is looking for ways to protect themselves from the virus that is spreading through the already contaminated air. So what is the solution you might wonder?

“Air pollution is India’s second-largest public health risk after malnutrition”

The use of air purifiers has significantly risen up post pandemic causing the world to adapt to newer ways to protect themselves and their families. Air purifiers do provide with a safe environment that keeps you safe especially indoor because indoor air pollution is a thing. HEPA based air purifiers are effective in trapping the viruses to up to 0.3 micron in size and can be effective. The more advanced and newer technology is the Ionization technology that completely kills the virus and requires no maintenance. Air purifiers these days come with Ionization technology and some companies are manufacturing Air Ionizers that are completely different. Ionizers basically release millions of ions in the air that bond with viruses and other air allergens. As a result, these ions make the viruses in the air useless by bonding with them and eliminating them from the inside.

Furthermore, Ionization has a type called as Bipolar Ionization that releases millions of negative as well as positive ions in the air to tackle viruses and bacteria. One ionizer that makes use of this technology is the Burge’s Ion Dome. Burge Electronics is one of the leading health and wellness startups in the country that manufactures air ionizers.  To protect yourself from harmful air pollutants that can cause respiratory diseases, you should try Burge’s Ion Dome and do let us know how your experience was by commenting below.

It is certified by ICMR recognised and ILAC accredited RGCB lab and it has zero ozone generation.


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