Why are Home Air Purifiers so Expensive?

MAY 13, 2022

Have you ever felt the need to use an air purifier? Most of you might think & argue about why it is needed. But due to the constant increase in pollution levels, the air quality is severely deteriorating in urban areas, and adding fuel to this chaos is the pandemic.

Today the use of air purifiers has significantly grown in western countries. People in the US and other European countries have become more and more sensitive when it comes to the air they breathe. And they are also aware of the benefits of air purifiers in general. Because of this, the market for air purifiers is quite competitive and there are a lot of brands that are trying to compete against each other. This naturally drives the prices to be relatively low and competent. But in other developing countries like India, if you decide to buy a home air purifier, it would set you back at least 20,000 – 30,000 INR, probably more. This could be because not many brands are competing to make these products here because there are not many consumers buying them.

We have witnessed so many scenarios wherein, if even a single person in the family gets positive. The whole functioning of the family is distorted. Leaving our family members to resort to home quarantine methods which affect the whole house mentally as well as physically.


Another noteworthy reason could be that an air purifier’s value is hard to assess. They fall under a category where we cannot assess the value even after we buy them. That is because we don’t actually know what goes inside them, or if it’s actually working. To make sure if the air purifier you bought actually works or not, you need an air quality monitor installed. Which a lot of people naturally don’t even know exists. According to consumer psychology, we naturally think more expensive must be better. This thought process works in the favor of a lot of these air purifier companies. Read this article here to know if air purifiers actually work or if it’s all just a fad.

Also where your health is concerned, you don’t think about saving a few extra dollars. Who would want to save a little money in exchange for your health? This fear also works in favor of these companies. And since this is a thin market in most of the developing countries, these markets tend to have even higher profit margins.

Burge’s Ion Dome is trustworthy and legitimate because of the fact that it is certified by ICMR recognised and ILAC accredited RGCB lab.

We here at Burge, are trying to break this norm. That is our mission. We want to provide clean air for all at the most affordable prices. That is why Burge’s Ion Dome has the most competitive prices on the market today even while delivering the promise of “Clean Air for All”. It’s not just an air purifier, it’s also an air ionizer that protects you from viruses, bacteria, allergens, fungi, soot, mold, smoke & more impurities in your surrounding air. Check out our Amazon store here or learn more about this groundbreaking new technology before you decide to make a purchase.

Prices do vary when it comes to a product that offers so many technical variations. Brands are also offering home air purifiers that come with an aroma diffuser attached to it so the air is clean as well as fragrant. So, you have to do quite a bit of research before you go into buying an air purifier and get one that is more suitable for your needs.

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