The Invisible Threat To Our Health

July 06, 2022

The threat we’re going to be talking about is the one which we fail to see with our naked eye. It’s the threat which makes us vulnerable and helpless at times. That is, if we do not take appropriate precautions. By now I am hoping you understand what I am talking about, it’s the airborne viruses, bacteria and all sorts of air pollutants. But recently, it’s been covid-19 and the pandemic has made us realize about this threat and people are starting to take it seriously because how will you protect yourself and your family if you can’t even see the danger? It’s a very important question.

“Every year, around 7 million people die from diseases and infections related to air pollution”


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The pandemic staggered everyone to look for ways in which they can protect themselves. The initial response was about social distancing and wearing a mask which is a very effective way of protecting ourselves. For example, the standard N-95 mask protects you from 95% of air pollutants that are about 0.3 micron in size hence the name and social distancing helps in avoiding any physical contact which might transmit the disease and the virus. But is this enough? The probability of 95% of air pollutants being filtered while using a mask still leaves a 5% chance of us getting affected and that chance is enough. That’s how covid-19 has spread, because the chance of infection still remains no matter how much we protect ourselves.

Then what can we do? How do we completely protect ourselves? The answer can be found in technology, the technology of Air Purification and Ionization. Masks and social distancing are great ways of protecting ourselves but using an air purifier or ionizer acts as an additional layer of security. Air Purifiers and Air Ionizers are made specifically with the intent of killing viruses and airborne pollutants that we cannot see. They work with efficiency and have been a beneficial eradicator of airborne allergens and pollutants which have protected millions of people in this pandemic.

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“NO2 is the most harmful of these compounds and is generated from the combustion of fuel engines and industry.”

There are many air purifiers in the market and they all claim to kill the viruses or filter them out. But there are many types of air purifiers and it is important for you to understand the working of them all so that you can choose the best and the most effective one. The traditional ones are the HEPA based air purifiers which filter out the viruses by using HEPA filters that trap viruses of up to 0.3 micron in size which is why they need to be cleaned on occasions and requires regular maintenance. The other type of air purifiers is the one that make use of ionization technology hence the name, Air Ionizers.

Air Ionizers work differently and make use of no filters but instead they directly kill or eliminate the virus by releasing millions of ions in the air. These ions then go on to form a bond with the viruses on a molecular level and kill them using a hydroxyl reaction that makes the viruses too heavy to float in the air and hence they drop to the surface thus completely killing the virus. Burge Electronics is one of the leading health & wellness startups in India which manufacture their own air ionizer which makes use of Bipolar Ionization technology. In Bipolar Ionization, the air ionizer releases millions of positively and negatively charged ions in the air. One added bonus when using air ionizer manufactured by Burge, namely Ion Dome is that it requires no maintenance since there are no filters involved. Now, from the whole blog, it evident which type of air purifier is the better one and that is the Air Ionizer.

It is certified by ICMR recognised and ILAC accredited RGCB lab and it has zero ozone generation.

In the age of increasing air pollution there’s only so much we can do. So why not give your 100% in protecting yourself and your family?

Buy your Burge’s Ion Dome today and protect you loved ones for a better and safe future!


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