Road Pollution vs Indoor Air Pollution

JUN 25, 2022

Pollution is a term that puts a sense of urgency for safety in our minds. One of the most hazardous is air pollution. The air we breathe today, especially in developing countries keeps degrading in quality each passing day. In comparison to other countries, Indians are exposed to an average of 83.2 μg/cubic meter of PM2. 5 pollutants compared to cleaner countries which record a relatively tiny figure of just 8μg / cubic meter.

“Inhaling polluted air takes away at least 1-2 years of a typical human life..”

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When we talk about road pollution, most of us would assume that outdoor air is more harmful as compared to indoor air but it’s the facts point toward a different conclusion. The fact is that indoor air pollution happens in contained areas with a limited space which allows potential air pollutants to build up more than in open spaces. In open spaces, the air is continuously flowing and there isn’t as much concentration in the number of adulterants. Everyone needs to understand the difference and importance of this issue and take measures to tackle it because it is a direct question about your and your family’s safety.

There are a lot of ways in which we can tackle indoor air pollution. This can be done using exhaust fans, using doormats for wiping shoes which can reduce pollutants being carried inside the house or any closed space, maintaining good ventilation, and many more other ways. But there is a product that works in all the ways mentioned above and that is an air purifier or an air Ionizer. Air purifiers use HEPA filters to trap the viruses while air ionizers release negative ions to eliminate the viruses completely. This is where ionizers work better than air purifiers because they actually kill the virus rather than trapping it.

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“The United States EPA ranks indoor air quality (IAQ) as a top five environmental risk to public health.”

This is why Burge has come with an air Ionizer that releases millions of negative and positive ions to kill viruses. Burge Electronics is one of the leading start-ups in India that are into the manufacturing of health and wellness products. Ion dome is a really good solution as it is a perfect solution to tackle indoor air pollution. It kills 99% of viruses in just an hour which makes it very effective and useful to be used indoor or closed spaces.

When traveling in a car we come in contact with the road air pollution that concentrates in the closed space of a car which directly affects all the people inside the car. We are also working on a car air ionizer and will be launching it real soon so stay tuned & in the meanwhile, you should definitely try their air ionizer – The Burge Ion Dome.

It is certified by ICMR recognised and ILAC accredited RGCB lab and it has zero ozone generation.


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