National Honesty Day

April 30, 2022

Raisin Awareness About The Good Old Virtue, Honesty!

Do you know why we celebrate National Honesty Day? I’m sure most of you must’ve never even heard of it so allow me to explain. The author of ‘The Book of Lies’, M. Hirsh Goldberg, created National Honesty Day in the early 1990s. The day is often used as a campaign to urge politicians to stay away from lies and tell the truth.

We have all lied in our lifetime. Voluntarily or involuntarily. Being honest is always better because when you lie, you create another version of a story and you are forced to live them both, which in turn will cause you stress. Honesty leads to simplicity but dishonesty leads to duplicity. Make the most of your life by just being simple and honest, the more you lie, the more you try to hide which will cause you stress & stress takes a heavy toll on your mind as well as your body.

So be honest and stay healthy!


For centuries, philosophers have pondered upon the value of being honest. We live in a society where it’s accepted that being dishonest is poor quality in a person, why are the rules any different for brands?

That is why we here at Burge Electronics hold honesty in the highest regard. We wear our hearts on our sleeves. We know that the best way to manage the expectations of your audience, minimize hassles & show that you care about them is, to be honest. Open up to them about the great, the good & the not so good about your business and you’ll create a level of trust with them in no time.


Do you know what else is today? It’s Raisin Day!

A day to celebrate this dry fruit’s many advantages. Rich in fiber, raisins may improve your digestive health and blood sugar levels, decrease inflammation and lower your blood pressure. Raisins are also a good source of potassium, just like bananas! Potassium is categorized as an anion, which means it has a greater number of negative ions which are very good for our body & mind.

Burge’s Ion Dome is extremely efficient in releasing ions. As an Air Ionizer, it releases millions of ions to eliminate the viruses in a closed space.

It releases both positive and negative ions to eradicate bacteria, viruses, allergens, smoke, odor & so much more.

So, here’s to all of us Raisin Awareness about one of the most important of virtues, Honesty.

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