National Heat Awareness Day/Roadtrip Day

MAY 27, 2022

Growing heat is a major concern these days. As the change in the climate is adamant, so are its consequences. The sector that causes most amount of pollution is transportation due to it releasing significant amount of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and other harmful gases. This causes the temperature to rise and in turn increases the heat on our planet but this is not the only reason why heat is increasing on our planet. There are so many other sectors that generate air, light and water pollution which also contribute in the growing heat on our planet.

Heat Awareness Day is celebrated to acknowledge this threat about the increasing heat and how it affects the natural habitat of our planet as well as the effect it has on humans and animals.


Due to the increased heat, there is an increase in cardiovascular and respiratory disorders and extreme heat causes dry weather due to which wildlife is severely affected causing animals to starve and suffer the extreme heat. The biodiversity on our planet must be preserved and enhanced in order to tackle the extreme heat that is causing severe heat waves and measures must be taken soon otherwise the heat is just going to keep increasing, day by day.

A few ways to beat the heat:

  1. Dress in Loose Clothing
  2. Eat Something Spicy
  3. Stay Hydrated
  4. Opt for Fruits and Veggies

Today is also celebrated as Road Trip Day and road trips is great way to bond with your loved ones. A refreshing getaway with your friends or family is a fun way to celebrate this day. Good music, good conversations and happy times make a person happy and stress free. But since the pandemic even a simple leisure such as road trips aren’t possible.


On this day, plan a road trip with your loved ones and enjoy a simple summer gateway.

Hence, precautions must be taken in order to avoid getting affected. Suppose you go on a road trip and someone in the car is already affected. The transmission is bound to happen but on these occasions you can use car air purifiers. They stop the spread of viruses in a certain area of proximity. Using a car air purifier won’t get you affected and you can still enjoy with your friends and family.

Burge Electronics is one such company which is growing rapidly in the health and wellness field. They are soon launching a car air purifier/ionizer which sounds extremely promising. They already have an air ionizer which goes by the name of Ion Dome. They have experience in manufacturing such products and their car air purifier/ionizer’s plan looks promising.

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