Holistic Therapy Day

July 26, 2022

Therapy is essential for the harmony of body and mind. In today’s times, it gets very tough to find time for taking care of your body and mind. Constant work life drains us and leaves with no energy at the end of a busy day which reflects on our overall health. Holistic therapy is a great way of relieving your body and mind because of the vastness of it. It is a package of various types of therapies that include spiritual, mental, physical and emotional therapies and exercises to keep your body as well as mind rejuvenated and fresh. It is also called as Holistic Psychotherapy because of the amount of therapies that come under it and the professionals who offer treatments for these are called as Holistic Therapists.

“Holistic therapy has many types such as Somatic Therapy, Spiritual Therapy, Eclectic Therapy and Mind-Body Therapy.”

holistic therapy day

Holistic therapy has many types such as Somatic Therapy, Spiritual Therapy, Eclectic Therapy and Mind-Body Therapy. Each of these therapies has a different purpose. Eclectic therapy is curated based on what a person actually needs. Somatic therapy is used to heal stress, trauma and other mental health issues. Spiritual therapy as the name suggest has a spiritual touch in it. This therapy uses a person’s belief system and spiritual faith to address the issues the person faces in their life. The mind-body therapy aims to improve the body functions using certain techniques and induce relaxations as a way to relieve the person’s body and mind.

These holistic treatments are meant to help a person by making them more self-aware about their body, mind and their overall health. Yoga is also a great way of healing your body and mind. Its holistic approach offers great model of health and healing. Holistic therapies require time and in today’s fast paced life it sometimes becomes overwhelming to manage work life balance. These therapies need a quite space with fresh and healthy air to help you indulge in an atmosphere that promotes healing of your mind and body. You might find a quiet place in your house but finding fresh air at home is not that easy. Indoor air pollution in urban areas is a serious problem which has severe effects on a person’s well-being.

holistic therapy day

“It creates an atmosphere for you that is no less than being close to nature.”

One thing you can do in order to breathe pure and fresh air is get an air purifier or an air ionizer.  These devices are meant to clean and sanitize the air you breathe. Many holistic treatments these days are designed in accordance with the air purifiers and aroma diffusers to give you a contempt feeling of satisfaction and peace. It creates an atmosphere for you that is no less than being close to nature. There are many such devices on the internet marketplaces. The major driving force behind an Air Ionizer is the negative ions that they release in millions. Negative ions have proven to be very effective in making you feel good. Have you ever had the feeling of absolute freshness, calm and peace when you are in nature, close to a waterfall or on top of a mountain? That feeling is driven by negative ions that are found in nature which have a mood changing effect on your mind. Negative Ions are very beneficial for your body and mind. Burge’s Ion Dome works as a device with a Bipolar Ionization technology that releases both negative as well as positive ions to kill any air pollutants in the air and make the air fresh and pure to breathe.

It is certified by ICMR recognised and ILAC accredited RGCB lab and it has zero ozone generation.


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