Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

July 20, 2022

We all are aware about the deteriorating quality of the air around us. Each year the pollution is only growing at an alarming rate and also affecting the biodiversity of our planet. We all take precautions by using masks, sanitizers and social distancing but it can only do so much. The polluted air is also affecting the indoor air quality of our homes especially in urban areas where the pollution caused by traffic is abundant. The air is filled with diverse particles of different sizes that can affect us. These contain air pollutants and allergens that are smaller than the size of a single human hair. This really puts things into perspective in regards with how much polluted air can affect out health.

“PM stands for particulate matter the term for a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. Some particles, such as dust, dirt, soot, or smoke, are large or dark enough to be seen with the naked eye.”

particulate matter stats blog image

The Particulate Matter consists of minute, microscopic solid or liquid particles that can be inhaled. A human hair is 10 micro meters in size while the fine particulate matter is 2.5 micro meters in size. These fine particles pose a severe risk to our health as they are easy to enter into our lungs which can cause serious consequences. Using masks when outside is a good protective measure but it does not suffice to use it while indoors. To tackle the bad indoor air quality there are a few ways among which using an Air Purifier/Air Ionizer is highly recommended. Air purification is a good option to tackle the harmful air pollutants in the air and it is more ideal to use in urban areas too because of the declining indoor air quality in those areas.

But Air Purifiers and Air Ionizers use different technologies to tackle these viruses and bacteria. Air purifier use filters that help them trap the viruses from the air while Air ionizers use Ionization technology that eliminates the viruses completely. HEPA filters are most widely used filters in air purifiers and can also be called as an industry standard but ionizers are more effective in sanitizing the air. The advantage of using an air ionizer is that they quite literally kill the viruses from within rather than trapping it. They do this using negative ions as well as positive ions that are released from the ionizer into the air. This causes a reaction at the microscopic level where these ions bond with the molecules of viruses, bacteria and hazardous allergens to defuse or eliminate it completely. An ionizer which releases both negative as well as positive ions uses a technology called as Bipolar Ionization.

Image showing particulate matter stats

“The fine fraction contains the smaller ones with a size up to 2.5 µm (PM2.5). The particles in the fine fraction which are smaller than 0.1 µm are called ultrafine particles.

Burge’s Ion Dome uses this technology in its Air ionizers that is very efficient is sanitizing the air by eliminating the viruses completely. The product is called as Ion Dome and it works effectively. If you are constantly worried about the air quality around you then you should buy Burge’s Ion Dome which is very effective in sanitizing the indoor air in your house. Order your Ion Dome today using the Amazon link below.

Burge’s Ion Dome is certified by ICMR recognised and ILAC accredited RGCB lab and it has zero ozone generation.

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