Do air purifiers really work?

Jan 06, 2022

Air purifiers clean the air by removing the pollutants, viruses, allergens and toxins in the environment that are harmful for our health. Particles like these are present in the environment and even in our homes. The growing levels of pollution is the reason air purifier’s market is growing day by day.

            There are various types of air purifiers that allow you to keep the air you breathe, safe. Home air purifiers also come with aroma diffusers that keeps a room clean as well as fragrant. Air purifiers are very different than filtration systems, air purifiers sanitize the air while filtration systems clean the air by trapping minute allergens and other dust particles.

HEPA and Ionizer purifier are some technologies that are responsible for many current products in the market. Currently, the market is thin and as a result, the prices of air purifiers is very high. The purifier market is expected to grow at a good pace which may act as a catalyst towards introducing new brands that provide affordable and quality products.

But are air purifiers effective?


Yes, they have scientifically proven results that provide a clear understanding on how useful these air purification systems are. Accompanying this are the various benefits that air purifiers offer like preventing dust allergies and reduce asthma symptoms after continuous use.

            The end result of using an air purifier can only be achieved and maximized by keeping the surroundings where an air purifier is placed, clean. Regular sanitization measures help facilitate and enhance the full use of air purifiers like cleaning the floor, mattress, sofas, bedsheets etc.


The air quality today is so bad that even a little sanitization of air can help improve the air quality significantly

No air purifier in the market claims to sanitize 100% air from the environment but they do help, so why not engage in this practice that can be helpful for you and your family?Increasing awareness about the safety has risen a lot since the pandemic and so has the market for air purifiers. The market is thin and expected to grow which may give rise to many brands that sell affordable and quality home air purifiers.


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